About Us

The Concept

Build in lushly green surroundings with the natural Habitat well preserved and fitted with the most absolute conveniences, The Hill offers residents the greatest way of living in a very exclusive residential community. The luxury and comfort of The Hill defines itself in its superb architectural features, fine interior finishing and ergonomically planned spacious living areas provide residents with privacy to enjoy total harmony and tranquility.

Conceptualized with care of health, saftety and enviroment in minde has made the hill not only a fine home but also a retreat into pure relaxation.

The Site

Situated in a prominent district wiht easy access to public facilities has positioned The Hill as the new addition to the city's most elite addresses. Bordered with a luxury residential complex and within walking distance to a shopping complex and international standard hospital has raked this location as a first class area in balikpapan.

Inspired by the fresh air and abudant open-space in an exlusive complex, every house has beendeisgned to enhance all aspects of family life. Landscape is designed with sensitivity to the enviroment, efficient management of natural resources and support to the existing ecosystem and nature.

The House

Exceptional beauty of every house at The Hill follows the contour of the land. By merging into the original nature of The Hill, every house offers unique sensations and comfort for its residents. The design of the house is inspired by the lay out of Baliness houses which captures the artistic heritage of Baliness culture. Distinctive ambience of every room is well connected to each other. The inside atmosphere is reflecting to the outside while the courtyard is an extension of all rooms in the house. Every house has its own plunge pool and sun deck for those who like to relax in privacy. The style of the house is a combination of Indonesia Ethnic and modern living.